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Live HR Advisors

Our partner, ThinkHR’s Live team provides the lifeline, expertise, and guidance business leaders need to minimize the people risks associated with employment law, safety, healthcare, and compliance. Certified advisors are standing by to answer questions via telephone, email or their extensive library to provide guidance, and follow-up with research to advise on sensitive issues like employee relations, attendance, and terminations.


Our partner, ThinkHR Comply, delivers fully-integrated content combining expert analysis of employment laws and regulations, best practice information and high impact delivery that shows HR leaders what to prepare for, provides the guardrails for when something happens, and outlines the necessary steps to move forward. And keeping up with constantly changing federal labor laws, regulations, reporting requirements, and deadlines is always a challenge. ThinkHR's Comply Calendar, allows employers to plan ahead and minimize their risk of incurring fines and penalties due to late or missed filings and reportings.


Employee Benefits Planning

Designed to accomplish several important goals, our planning can provide employees and their families with financial protection in the event of an illness, injury, death, disability or unemployment. It also acts as a recruitment and retention tool and can keep employees happy. Depending on the type and size of practice employee benefits may be quite different from practice to practice.


Hiring & Termination Practice

Do you know what information must given to a new hire? Or how to conduct a rightful employment termination? Our partner, Think HR, has all the answers for you. Get real answers from real experts. Enjoy unlimited, immediate access to certified experienced advisors to help you navigate your employee risk management issues.


Policies & Procedures

Our Partner, ThinkHR, will help you create policies and procedures to guide your practice and help employees maintain compliance and minimize risk. Policies are the framework for your daily operations and reflects the values of your practice. The procedures your practice follows can also help you to meet strategic goals, reduce risk and identify opportunities for improvement.


Conflict Resolution

Our partner, ThinkHR, recognizes the significant risks centered around people within an organization and offers an extensive course library of both proactive and reactive risk management courses that address compliance essentials such as conflict resolution, harassment and discrimination, workplace safety, cybersecurity and more.


Living Employee Handbook

A living Handbook establishes behavior standards, communicates values and culture, and protects practices from potential employee claims. With our partner, ThinkHR, build a handbook ensuring policies and procedures remain compatible with all federal and state regulations and protecting your business as effectively as possible.

Monitoring & Alerts

Our partner, ThinkHR, provides a steady stream of need-to-know information such as breaking compliance news, expert analysis, legislative updates, and best practices through Law Alerts, monthly newsletters and webinars approved for SHRM & HRCI recertification credits.

All HR/Business Services:

  • Access to Live HR Advisors

  • Compliance:
    Federal, State & Local Government 

  • Employee Benefits Planning

  • Hiring & Termination Practices

  • Policy & Procedures

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Living Employee Handbook 

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